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KWC ERA - Simple Perfection

KWC has been perfecting faucets for the world of kitchens since 1874, and the KWC ERA is a masterpiece that follows this tradition

With its many innovations, KWC has helped to shape the development of the kitchen faucet – particularly with the invention of the first single-hole, pull-out spray kitchen faucet in 1957. However, the company’s aim is and has always been to perfect its products, taking the entire context – which includes aesthetics, functionality, and quality – into account, and to make the use of the products a new, all-encompassing experience. More than any other product, the new KWC ERA kitchen faucet is a testament to this striving for perfection, precision, and pure aesthetics, particularly when put together with the sink of the same name.

Precision Embodied in Stainless Steel
KWC ERA is elegant, sleek, and formed with absolute precision – an entirely different style in line with the new minimalism of “less is more”. This line of faucets is characterized by timeless design in stainless steel, pure materials with a perfect finish, and the very highest level of finesse. In addition to their formal simplicity, they are a pleasure to handle and work with – intuitive, beautiful and functional. The KWC ERA lever mixers are available with four different types of spout to suit individual style preferences, ways of working, and habits around the sink. These are the gravity spout, the J spout, the L spout, and the J spout with pull-out spray and diverter button. The swivel range of 150° can be extended to 360°.

Refinement through Formal Details
KWC ERA possesses an incomparable elegance when viewed from any distance, but the nuances in the fine detail can only be detected upon closer inspection. Such details include the extremely thin diameter of the spout tube (only 18 mm), as well as the precisely chamfered, polished sockets, the smooth movement of the lever, and the matching soap dispenser.

The Sink as a Workshop
In line with the faucet’s design and materials concept, the KWC ERA sink concept makes the most important functional hub of the kitchen, the sink/food preparation hub, a perfectly equipped workshop. After all, even though many parts of the cooking process can now be automated, real manual work is still required when it comes to rinsing and setting-up. The water flows out of the mixer in a crystal-clear, splash-free laminar stream, and intelligently assembled, high-quality accessories support a variety of work processes:
• Drip tray in a combination of stainless steel and teak; can be inserted into the sink
• Teak cutting board; can be inserted into the sink
• Roll-up mat made of stainless steel and black silicone

A Flawless, Homogeneous Design
The KWC ERA sinks are as simple and flawless in their design as the faucets. They are equipped with a ghost overflow (hidden overflow) that is invisible to the naked eye. The precisely finished, polished sink rim is completely integrated into the work surface, and, measuring only 4 mm, it is truly unique. This design detail and the completely new installation method associated with it ensure a homogeneous overall design and simple perfection.

KWC ERA faucets