KWC Benelux is onderverdeeld tussen Franke Nederland en Franke België.
Nederlandse keukenzaken kunnen terecht bij Franke Nederland wat betreft
KWC keukenkranen. Voor zaken wat betreft grootkeuken- en badkamerkranen
kunt u contact opnemen met Franke Washroom Systems in Ninove.

Belgische klanten met zaken betreft KWC kunnen terecht bij Franke België.
De vestiging in Ninove is verdeeld in 2 divisies: Franke Kitchen Systems en
Franke Washroom systems.


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KWC Faucet and Sink

A Perfect Combination


KWC has been perfecting faucets for the world of kitchens since 1874 – and now we have the sinks to match. For a masterful combination.

Now Everything Comes Together
With its many innovations, KWC has helped to shape the development of the kitchen faucet, but the company’s aim is and has always been to perfect its products, taking the entire context – which includes aesthetics, functionality, and quality – into account, and to make the use of the products a new, all-encompassing experience. As a logical consequence, this concept is now also applied to the sink as a whole. With multifunctional accessories, refinements to the technical and construction aspects such as the addition of a ghost overflow (hidden overflow), and a design that matches the faucet, the sink gains new functionality and value. Sink plus faucet in a single unit: 1 + 1 = 1.

KWC Presents Three Masterpieces
With a pared-down, sleek, and absolutely precise design, KWC ERA embodies not only the ideal combination of sink and faucet, it also defines an entirely new look in line with the new minimalism – in a perfect finish and in an exclusive material mix of teak and stainless steel.

The tailor-made sink completes the versatile classic KWC ONO. Just like the lever mixer, which is available as a HighFlex version and with various pull-out variants and designs, the sink also opens up a wide variety of options, adapted to individual ways of working and uses. Furthermore, functional accessories create new, additional work surfaces on three levels.

KWC ZOE brings smart electronics and convenience into the kitchen. The sink completes the masterpiece with an avant-garde air. Special details: a teak chopping board, strainer insert, and covered drain combined with elegant design solutions make this functional hub a perfect symbiosis of technology, craftsmanship and design – a place of creativity for cooking enthusiasts.