• OptimalSpace

    Practical yet elegant ergonomic design: OptimalSpace features long, tall spouts that provide ample space for washing and or working.

  • EasyLock

    A spray that is easy to use and automatically snaps into place: EasyLock is equipped with special positioning pins that ensure that the pull-out spray is always in the right position.

  • TouchProtect

    Safe to use: An insulated hot water guidance system with a “double skin” principle means the body of the faucet or the pull-out spray can become warm but never hot. In this way, TouchProtect intelligently prevents scalding.

  • PowerClean

    The spray you want at the touch of a button: PowerClean makes it exceedingly easy to switch the flow of water on the spray head – from a standard spray to a fine needle spray.

  • SprayClean

    Actively helps with the removal of limescale: With a special faceplate and fastening mechanism, SprayClean prevents limescale buildup. Any deposits are sprayed away automatically when the water is running. The special fastening mechanism helps with more stubborn lime deposits: simply turn, clean, and the job is done.

Technical data

Article numbers / Variants chrome
A 225, raccordements flexibles