Innovations and highlights


    In restrooms and public spaces, turning water on and off should be hygienic and practical. The KWC pillar tap works for you with just one easy turn. Not only in its ergonomics and user-friendliness, but also in its use of resources, less is more – 5 liters/minute, to be specific. The KWC pillar tap is suitable for hot and cold water connections and, due to its sleek design, is an aesthetic fit in any setting. At home, too, the KWC pillar tap is the ideal solution. It works well as a space-saving and resource-saving washbasin faucet or as a dispenser for drinking water.


    KWC ERA is for people who demand absolutely high end products. With KWC ERA, we introduce faucets and sinks with a very minimalistic design, sleek proportions, high functionality and a fascinating high precision look. KWC ERA products have a very high precision approach: features like the unique, thin and glossy gravity rim and the invisible overflow turn every kitchen into a jewel.


    Understated yet bold, refined yet daring – what may seem like a contradiction is actually the key to creating classic design. And KWC ELLA is just that: with its subtle curves, smooth angles, and clear contours, the line of faucets will be as modern tomorrow as it is today.


    KWC ONO is a product line that represents a practical and elegant lifestyle. That’s why our faucets and sinks are not only designed to resist wear-and-tear, they also have an exceptionally fine finish. KWC ONO faucets and sinks are very functional and easy to use. KWC ONO offers a wide range of useful and fashionable accessories.


    We only consider a faucet to be perfect when it fits perfectly. When every angle, every edge, every surface and every distance is correct to the very last millimeter. Especially when it comes to concealed installations. Because here, functionality and a flawless finish are equally important.


    The KWC LUNA S was already superb – but now we have managed to make it even more perfect. We’ve given the design a makeover, with slimmer lines and a slightly higher spout that makes using the sink even easier. The result is the new KWC LUNA S – a bit more elegant, more precise and more reliable. An understated focal point in any kitchen. A faucet as design statement.


    For some people, design is the number one concern. For others, it might be convenience or quality. Then there are those who simply want everything to be just right. It is for these people that we have designed KWC ISLA: elegant, functional and precise, right down to the smallest detail.


    Visually stunning, highly practical, and very easy to clean – the KWC SUNO excels in all respects, without being ostentatious. With its minimalist design, the faucet discreetly blends into modern kitchens with straight lines, and the high spout allows plenty of space for working. Regardless of which version you select: the KWC SUNO embodies quality and precision craftsmanship.


    KWC LUNA-E is the evolution of a classic design. The range offers a new, wide variety of models designed with the trusted, popular features of the previous generation - for even greater freedom and reliability when working in the kitchen. The slimline basic shapes and a modern soft-edge design also add timeless elegance to your kitchen. KWC LUNA-E – true quality and total precision.


    KWC INTRO is the perfect proof that outstanding quality does not have to be expensive. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a faucet that is intuitive and ergonomic to use in any circumstance. KWC INTRO sets a new, sophisticated standard – and offers true value for money.


    KWC ADRENA knows that you appreciate straightforward practicality. That is why this timeless faucet not only outwardly exudes the tried-and-tested quality of KWC's Swiss-made products, but also satisfies your high standards in terms of functionality.