• KWC+ Sustainability

  • HealthProtect

    Better hygiene and unchanged water quality: HealthProtect highlights the strict standards we set ourselves to ensure that our faucets do not affect the taste and smell of your water – that is why we use high-quality materials (metals, plastics) that are ideally suited for contact with water.

  • KWC+ Quality

  • GlacierFinish

    Robust surfaces and high-quality craftsmanship: GlacierFinish is equipped with durable surfaces that are exceptionally robust and feature an attractive polished shine that you can enjoy for years to come.

  • OptimalSpace

    Practical yet elegant ergonomic design: OptimalSpace features long, tall spouts that provide ample space for washing and or working.

  • PrecisionMove

    Exceptional elegance and precision: PrecisionMove allows for seamless movements and exceptional convenience thanks to our consistent use of top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

  • KWC+ Design

  • DesignSpray

    Elegant design and functionality: With DesignSpray, the pull-out spray is seamlessly integrated and recessed. It can be easily extended with just one finger.

  • UniqueLever

    Innovative lever designs that allow for natural and intuitive use: UniqueLever features innovative KWC design – elegance and precision that you can not only see, but also feel every day.

  • KWC+ Innovation

  • EasyLock

    A spray that is easy to use and automatically snaps into place: EasyLock is equipped with special positioning pins that ensure that the pull-out spray is always in the right position.

  • HighFlex

    Increased freedom of movement and ease of use: HighFlex makes it possible to move the spring hose in every direction while ensuring it remains reliably stable when not in use.

  • IntelligentControl

    Intuitive control meets modern convenience: IntelligentControl reacts to a tap of your finger, can be programmed based on your personal habits and requirements, and has a light ring that indicates the current water temperature.

  • LEDShine

    Visible precision and a bright, friendly workspace: LEDShine does more than just contribute to a special working atmosphere – this innovative feature makes it easier to see the tiniest specks of dirt and makes it possible to use the faucet without turning on a light.

  • PowerClean

    The spray you want at the touch of a button: PowerClean makes it exceedingly easy to switch the flow of water on the spray head – from a standard spray to a fine needle spray.

  • ShieldProtect

    Extended service life and secure protection: ShieldProtect uses a special membrane to seal the faucet, protecting it against cleaning products and dirt.

  • SprayClean

    Actively helps with the removal of limescale: With a special faceplate and fastening mechanism, SprayClean prevents limescale buildup. Any deposits are sprayed away automatically when the water is running. The special fastening mechanism helps with more stubborn lime deposits: simply turn, clean, and the job is done.

  • SprayLock

    Adjust the flow: With SprayLock, you can keep the jet of water from your faucet flowing exactly how you want, even when the water is shut off. When you turn the water back on, the water flows in the same way again.

  • TouchProtect

    Safe to use: An insulated hot water guidance system with a “double skin” principle means the body of the faucet or the pull-out spray can become warm but never hot. In this way, TouchProtect intelligently prevents scalding.

  • TwistProtect

    Effortless work around the sink: TwistProtect prevents the hose from twisting or knotting.