Innovations and highlights


    Visually stunning, highly practical, and very easy to clean – the KWC SUNO excels in all respects, without being ostentatious. With its minimalist design, the faucet discreetly blends into modern kitchens with straight lines, and the high spout allows plenty of space for working. Regardless of which version you select: the KWC SUNO embodies quality and precision craftsmanship.


    KWC LUNA-E is the evolution of a classic design. The range offers a new, wide variety of models designed with the trusted, popular features of the previous generation - for even greater freedom and reliability when working in the kitchen. The slimline basic shapes and a modern soft-edge design also add timeless elegance to your kitchen. KWC LUNA-E – true quality and total precision.


    With KWC PIANA you make it clear: true quality in the bathroom and kitchen is more important than a loud spectacle. The straightforward versatility of this high-quality all-rounder impresses in several respects: it offers comprehensive functions, high user comfort and excellent value for money. The wide range of KWC PIANA products makes it fun to select the right model for your needs.


    KWC INTRO is the perfect proof that outstanding quality does not have to be expensive. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a faucet that is intuitive and ergonomic to use in any circumstance. KWC INTRO sets a new, sophisticated standard – and offers true value for money.


    KWC AVA combines your subtle stylistic expertise with your demand for reliable Swiss quality and state-of-the-art technology. With this range, you make a clear statement in your kitchen and bathroom: whoever lives here, knows exactly what he or she wants.


    With KWC ZOE, you place a sculptural masterpiece in your kitchen, which embodies our 140 years of expertise in handling water. This faucet performs subtle functions, provides a fascinating interplay of light and water and bears the signature of the master in unmistakable perfection. In a nutshell: KWC ZOE simply redefines kitchen luxury.